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    For Grandads birthday, we went to Millerbeck Light Railway with Michelle, Daddy and Alfie!

    The train we went on!

    The other train we saw The other train we went on!

    Grandad and Me!

    Grandad and Me!

    Grandad, Alfie and Me!

    Grandad, Alfie and Me!

    Cuddles with Grandad!

    Cuddles with Grandad!

    We went cycling today to Altrincham, I managed to go on a little steam train at Walton Park in Same (though I got upset when I had to put my helmet back on) and we saw the animal sanctuary in Sale. Daddy has some information and pictures here.

    This afternoon Adam, Luke and I went to Lostock Park on our cycles to meet with Lisa. I went on a big swing all by myself and on the swinging basket with my big brother Adam.
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    This morning we made masks with Daddy, I made a super-hero princess mask, my brother Adam made a super-hero mask and a super-villain mask and my other brother Luke made a super-hero mask. We all enjoyed it!

    WP_20150414_005 WP_20150414_008 WP_20150414_004 WP_20150414_002 WP_20150414_020 WP_20150414_022 WP_20150414_021Our Masks

    Today we went up to Lytham (Fairhaven Lake) and St Annes with Daddy and Grandad. We got to play on the sand and went to a cafe.

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    I bought myself a new cycle seat, daddy fixed it onto mummies cycle and we went round the park to try it out. here are some pictures.

    Big wave...

    Big wave…

    I like being chaffered around...

    I like being chaffered around…

    Daddy and me on mummies cycle...

    Daddy and me on mummies cycle…

    Mummy and me on the cycle!

    Mummy and me on the cycle!

    I am now posting all the pictures under the Gallery unless I have something to write about it.



    Mummy, Daddy and I would like to say a big thank you to Aunty Michelle for making my gown and Aunty Maxine for making both my cakes!!

    I would also like to thank Grandad Bill and Granny for helping towards my christening!!


    Also thank you to everyone who came to support me!!

    Annabeth (and Mummy, Daddy, Adam and Luke) would like to congratulate her cousin Claire on the birth of her son Alfie Michael who was born this morning. Love you and hope you are all well xxx